Coaching, Editing and Mentoring for Writers and Creatives







Coaching and Mentoring are conversations that enable the client to identify and explore goals, dreams and ambitions; and to formulate a plan for achieving them.  

Katri has a rare ability to give feedback in a way that immediately makes me start thinking of ways to improve, she’s never negative or critical so that it always feels like a shared process.’ LH -Fiction 


  • formulate goals
  • overcome blocks
  • develop a practice that will draw on your knowledge and strengths
  • improve your understanding of craft
  • increase your confidence
  • move forward with whatever it is that you have within you to write
  • think more clearly about your writing project

I use coaching techniques to help writers achieve a position of clarity and a sense of progress.

The feedback I offer is developmental: I focus on questions of structure and meaning, and offer suggestions drawn from an understanding of craft and technique. Sometimes,  I suggest books that might be helpful for you to read.

‘I found Katri to be very engaged as a tutor — always interested in the possibilities, always appreciative of effort and always attending to detail.’ VM – Short Story writer

Podcast interview with Simon Jones at the National Centre for Writing:

I don’t offer help with grammar, proof- or copy-editing; and I don’t line-edit. I am also unable to offer advice on how to get published, markets or marketing.I can suggest organisations, methods and programmes that might help with these questions. In this way, the work of a mentor is different to that of an agent or an editor in a publishing house.

I work with writers of fiction and creative non-fiction.


As a general rule of thumb, below are my rates:

1-Coaching session of an hour is £50. This is a conversation in which we explore your goals and obstacles, and formulate a plan for you to follow.  I do not read any of your work.

2-Mentoring Services: 

  • I charge £70 for two hours. One hour will be spent reading and evaluating the writing you submit; the second hour will consist of a one-to-one online conversation. During this hour we will talk about your writing goals,  the progress you are making, and the challenges you face. I will give verbal feedback on the text. After three sessions, the rate drops to £65.
  • I read up to 5000 words of prose for a mentoring slot.
  • After the first, introductory, session, I will read up to 7000 words a session. I add £10 for up to an extra 1000 words above the baseline of 5000.
  • Mentoring meetings normally take place at intervals of at least a month.
  • Opening of a book: I read and give verbal feedback of an hour on the opening 10,000 words of a work-in-progress. The fee for this is £125.
  • Draft typescript: I offer a package of reading and feedback in stages on a draft typescript. The number of sessions and the fee will depend on the length of the draft. We always begin with an introductory session for which I read 5000 words. After that I’ll read up to 10,000-12,000 words a session. Normally we’ll have between 4 – 6 sessions of an hour each. Please do get in touch for more details.

I use Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

I work also through the National Centre for Writing in Norwich. Please go their web site for further details of the sessions:


Please contact me on I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about coaching and mentoring.

Testimonials and short About Me below:



Katri is the first person I’ve worked with who has been able to explain my writing to me in terms of structural choices. It was something I knew I needed to improve but didn’t know where to start.  Katri has helped me to break down my writing style and better understand my instincts, to improve where messy and build on what works.  My writing feels more efficient as a result and I have a greater sense of confidence over the choices I’m making. I look forward to our sessions hugely.  I have been fortunate enough to have Skype sessions every fortnight for six months which has given me something to aim for and means Katri really knows my work so that we can talk in depth. I’ve come away full of creative energy and direction for the future.  Katri has a rare ability to give feedback in a way that immediately makes me start thinking of ways to improve, she’s never negative or critical so that it always feels like a shared process.  

LH – Novelist

Having used the mentoring service that Katherine provides for writers, I have no hesitation in recommending her. She was quick to understand the writing issues that I brought to each meeting, and was always punctual, well prepared and easy to talk to. Her readings of my work were perceptive and I found her thoughtful feedback helpful at every session. Through working with Katherine I have progressed my writing and developed my confidence and skills to the point where I am now publishing work on a regular basis. 

KC – Creative non-fiction writer 


 Katri has been my mentor in starting to write fiction for nearly two years.  During that time, she has untangled the webs and knots of my stories and helped me to find some logic, order and structure for my work. I found Katri to be very engaged as a tutor — always interested in the possibilities, always appreciative of effort and always attending to detail.  She gives written notes on manuscripts which she then discusses with you verbally.  Above all, Katri is encouraging – she wants you to improve and succeed.

VM –  Short story writer

‘Katherine gave me invaluable feedback on what elements of craft I needed to work on for my novella. She suggested other books that could serve as models, and asked questions that helped me clarify my intentions. Not only did she understand the larger themes of the story, but she offered pointed comments that helped me trim off fat, and heighten elements that would have been less effective without her feedback. Thanks again.’

LCC, Novelist & Editor

‘Katri has helped me achieve a degree of focus around my writing goals and has helped me make steady progress towards achieving those goals. What I particularly appreciate about Katri is her creative and intuitive approach, her sensitivity and her ability to ‘hold the space’.’

– KT, Novelist & Short Fiction

‘I have found Katri’s input through our mentoring sessions absolutely invaluable. Katri has a thorough knowledge of the arts sector. Her feedback is intelligent, sensitive and clear. She is an un-obtrusive and sympathetic listener, has the ability to cut through to the nub of an issue and set practical and achievable targets. I wish I’d come across her earlier in my career.’

-IB, Business Director, Art & Poetry Publisher

‘Katri is a kind of intellectual acupuncturist, helping me identify my writerly weak spots and my fears, keeping the pressure on any ‘blocks’ to help me mend and change; our regular ‘tune-ups’ guarantee that I don’t lapse into procrastination and self-doubt. More energy, more focus, more output – what more can a writer wish for?’

EH, Novelist, Scriptwriter and Creative-Non Fiction

I found my work with Katherine to be very valuable. I was able to present and consider a difficult situation, in a manner that allowed me to consider a number of different angles and strategies for positive outcomes. I’m grateful for the work.’

CS, Creative Director, Digital Media Project

‘Katri’s help was invaluable and unique in that it was so light-handed. There wasn’t any sense of being directed by her or told what to do. What she does instead is listen with an unusual intelligence that comes in at exactly the right moment to free you from the knot you’ve been tying yourself that prevents you from writing.’

– LS, Poet



For twenty-five years I worked as a senior arts administrator, writer and editor in the literature and new writing sectors in the UK and the US. I trained as a writing coach and mentor several years ago. Organisations I have worked for as an employee and on a free-lance basis include: the University of East Anglia, the National Centre for Writing, LiteratureWorks, the Arts Council, the Arvon Foundation,  the BBC, Manhattan Theatre Club, Channel Four, Self (Condé Nast), among others. I have written drama, short stories, novels, blogs and magazine features. I have designed and run creative writing workshops. I have undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in literature and journalism from Vassar University (New York), University College (Cardiff); and an MA from the  University of East Anglia (Norwich) in ‘Writing the Modern World, 20th C Fiction Studies.’

I  have established and sat on boards of not-for-profit organisations.

I am an accredited coach for writers through a training programme developed by Relational Dynamics Coaching and run by the National Organisation for Writers in Education (NAWE) in partnership with the Arvon Foundation.